F & Q



How much does shipping cost?

We offer free shipping worldwide!


What currencies are supported as payment? 

We currently only offer payments in euro. Upon request we may offer other currencies as well, please contact us at info@mylittleslipper.com.


How are the slippers delivered? 

The slippers are delivered ready to wear. They come in a practical dust bag and a cardboard box that many customers use for safekeeping. Of course, the box is recyclable and no other non- environmental friendly material, such as silk paper, is included.    


Why are the slippers only recommended for 0-12 month old babies? 

The slippers are primarily designed to protect and comfort infants feet. As the baby learns to walk, the feet need foot wear designed especially for grip. However, many of our customers keep using the slippers during stroller walks, travels, bed time and other occasions when the baby is not supposed to stand on their feet. We also have customers that use the slippers for decoration.  


Which size should I pick?  

The slippers come in two sizes; one for new born 0-6 month that is 10 cm and another 6-12 month that is 14 cm. The baby’s feet do not need to match exactly to the slipper size as they are soft and to some extent flexible.


Do the slippers stay on the feet?

Babies have an fantastic ability to kick-off everything that are put on their feet. Our slippers are specially designed to have a great fit with smart kick-proof solutions in the lacing, ribbons and elastic straps. 


Do baby feet need to be covered?

Baby feet easily get exposed to sunlight or cold and need to be covered for protection. Our slipper models in Alpaca offers a great protection for coldness and as they breath the feet do not become too hot and sweaty. Our linen models is a great summer slipper that provides protection from the sun.


How do we make baby slippers?

The slippers are designed and sewn by hand in Sweden. Designing the different models is an ongoing process where each model i tested in several stages. The slippers must have a comfortable fit to stay on the tiny feet and, of course, an adorable apparel. Next, we chose a fabric that is suitable for the collection or model. The most common fabric is Alpaca wool that comes from an ecologic farm in UK. Alpaca is a great material for slippers, it is super soft, environmental friendly and has great quality.  The fabric is carefully tailored into tiny slippers, which is a craft that ensures the highest quality and comfort to the foot.